Put Together the Best Case with Litigation Support

Litigation SupportWhen going to court, you want to make sure you have developed the best case you can to win. If you need help doing so, Gold Shield Investigations can help with our litigation support services.

With our services, we can help you with either witness services or with managing the case itself. For example, if you don’t have time to go out and interview witnesses for a first or second time, we can go out and do so on your behalf, obtaining written, signed and recorded statements as part of the process.

We can also assist if you have a missing or uncooperative witness as you work to put your case together. Gold Shield Investigation’s experts can locate the individual serve them with legal process to compel them to appear in court to make a statement. We can also run full background profiles and surveillance on these witnesses to make sure they don’t have an ulterior motive or are the best possible witness for you.

In terms of case managing services, our experts are able to analyze a litany of reports to help you put together the information and facts you need to build your case. Our experts are veterans of law enforcement and can review medical examiner’s reports, crime scene reports and crime lab analysis and find the details that you need.

We can also review agency policies and procedures for any faults that may be valuable to your case, and work to retrieve, review and analyze documents and public records. In addition, if you think video evidence is not only available, but will also help build your case, Gold Shield Investigations can retrieve surveillance footage and work to analyze and enhance it for you.

Our years of professional law enforcement experience, combined with a background of work assisting criminal and civil lawyers along the East Coast, means that you can trust we have the skill and knowledge to help make your case as successful as possible.

For more information on our litigation support services or to discuss your case confidentially with Gold Shield Investigations, call 843-408-4158 and schedule your free consultation today!

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