Private Investigator for Child Custody

Gold Shield Investigations offers private investigation services in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC.  Once the divorce is final one of the biggest mistakes a parent could make is violating the paramour provision which is usually ordered by the judge. This prohibits either spouse from allowing their boyfriend or girlfriend from spending the night while the children are in the house. This limitation is usually not a problem for the parent who has the child less often but it can be a big problem for the primary parent. It tends to affect future dating and relationships which cause the primary parent to let his or her guard down.

At Gold Shield Investigations we have observed both the primary and secondary parent violate this order. Family Court is extremely strict on the violating parent, usually resulting with the loss of custody and only allowing the parent to have supervised visits with their children. Many child psychologists would agree that this provision is important for the protection of the child not having to deal with his or her parents overnight relationships outside of marriage.

From my experience, if the court order is being violated, this type of investigation tends to be easier to prove as opposed to adultery. This is because the visitations are scheduled, therefore, so are surveillance hours. Other child abuses, such as the use of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption, can be more time consuming to prove.
Gold Shield Investigations is experienced in cases where a parent was scheduled to take custody of their child. Several hours prior to picking up their child we have recorded him or her in a bar drinking. Scenarios such as these are all too common, and the irresponsible parent must be stopped.

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