At-Fault Divorce: Understanding South Carolina’s Law

At-Fault DivorceDivorce is never an easy subject to deal with, especially if it is the result of an unfaithful spouse. The main thing is that you are able to move forward, and in South Carolina, you have a better chance of getting what you deserve if you handle the situation correctly.

Why? Because South Carolina offers a few protections that not every other state provides. Take advantage of them and get what you rightfully deserve.

South Carolina Is an “At Fault” State

What does “at-fault” divorce mean for you? It means that if you are the wronged party in a marriage that is ending due to infidelity, then you could have the upper hand in divorce proceedings.

South Carolina defines unfaithful intercourse as that between a married person and anyone who is not the individual’s spouse, according to DivorceNet. If you have been wronged then it could have a significant impact on your eligibility for alimony payments. Under state law, adulterers cannot receive alimony. An unfaithful act usually does not affect the division of property or child visitation rights, but the alimony alone could be very helpful in getting you back on your feet.

Under law, the adultery doesn’t have to have happened recently for you to benefit. Although each case is up to the court’s discretion, wronged parties have often been treated favorably even if the cheating occurred years ago and you are just finding out about it now. However, if you find out about the infidelity and forgive your spouse – an act condoned by the faithful partner – then you may not qualify.

However, know that you will not get more alimony based on simply the feeling that your spouse may be cheating. If you are claiming an at-fault divorce, you must prove that the adultery occurred before you can collect.

Help Put Together Your Case

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