Training for Security Officers Now Available

Security Guards Private security officers play an important role in protecting businesses from a variety of threats like employee theft, burglary, arson and more. Wealthy individuals and celebrities also may employ private security officers for their own protection. Our police officers do their best to serve and protect, but they cannot be everywhere at all times. Police often end up investigating a crime after it has occurred, whereas hired private security located on-site can prevent a problem from even occurring. Private security has long been used by businesses and individuals who need or desire more security than the public police force can provide.

South Carolina recognizes the importance of the private security industry, but the state also recognizes the need to make sure that private security professionals are adequately trained and trustworthy. Private security officers in South Carolina not only have the responsibility to patrol and secure a property, they are also granted arrest powers on the property where they work. This is why South Carolina requires both armed and unarmed security guards to be licensed.

Gold Shield Investigations now has a certified South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SC SLED) instructor with Lester Klvana, meaning that we now can offer certification courses for both armed and unarmed security officers in South Carolina.

South Carolina security officer certification requires a four-hour class that covers the legal responsibilities of security officers followed by a written test. Armed security officer certification requires an additional four-hour class that includes training in combat shooting. For both licenses, security officers must recertify annually. Following successful completion of the training class, prospective security officers are fingerprinted and photographed as part of an extensive background investigation process conducted by the SC SLED.

Becoming state certified as a security officer training instructor is not a simple process. Two 40-hour courses are required, and these courses are only offered at two sites in South Carolina – Clemson and Trident Technical College, where Klvana received his instructor training. At Gold Shield Investigation, we believe it is important that security officers receive quality training from experienced security professionals, and we are proud to be able to offer this service to security offices looking for their initial certification or annually recertification.

Does your business need to have security officers trained and certified? Do you want to learn more about obtaining your South Carolina security officer certification? Contact Gold Shield Investigations today by calling 843-408-4158 to learn more about our new security officer training.

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