Tracking Suspicious Activity with GPS Technology

Tracking Suspicious Activity with GPS Technology

Nowadays, we use GPS devices to get us from point A to point B without getting lost, whether it’s a trip across town or to an entirely different state. They’ve certainly come a long way since the first GPS device was created, and today they can be used for so much more than providing directions.

That’s right, not all GPS devices are just used for finding your way on impromptu road trips anymore. While they are still useful for finding a specific place, in today’s modern world they can also be used to track where someone else is going.

GPS Use in InvestigationsGPS devices are a huge part of private investigation services in the state of South Carolina. If you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, there’s a right way of going about the adultery or infidelity investigation. Let’s just say the days of you getting in your car and following your husband or wife to a bar or hotel for cold hard evidence of cheating are long over. If you want to do the tracking more secretly, hiring a private investigator like Gold Shield Investigations can get the tracking for you discreetly using advanced GPS technology.

These devices are intended to track suspected cheating spouses from one place to another, allowing investigators to catch them in the act or give their spouse proof that their destinations are routine and not any reason to be concerned about cheating. No matter the outcome, private investigators take adultery cases very seriously, which is why we heavily rely on innovative GPS technology to clear up many concerns, worries and suspicions and get concrete, tangible information.

GPS is a fully legal tool that private investigators use in South Carolina. How does it work exactly? The private investigator places the GPS unit on the suspected cheater’s vehicle to monitor where he or she goes. A video camera can also be used in some cases, which can be used to take photos of the destination to get a closer look. If the investigator finds evidence that the suspected cheater is indeed cheating – whether they find him/her in a parked car in a deserted area, in a hotel, or any other enclosed area with his/her “lover” – or has enough information to believe that nothing illicit is occurring, we will remove the device from the vehicle and provide you with the details of what we uncovered.

With the use of GPS technology, private investigators can find evidence of adultery or infidelity in a timely manner. In fact, it can take as little as 12 hours to prove intent of an affair with a GPS device. To put your mind at ease and to get the whole truth, contact Gold Shield Investigations today by calling 843-408-4158.

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