Social Security Fraud Investigations

Social Security Fraud has distinct red flags which private investigators and claims adjusters should be familiar with. At Gold Shield Investigations when we review a social security fraud case we start by looking for the following red flags:

  • The injury occurred with no witnesses present or the witness that was present is a close co-worker/friend to the claimant.
  • If a witness was present during the alleged injury the witness statement conflicts with the claimants statement.
  • The claimant uses many sick days, has a discipline problem and/or has been disgruntled.
  • The claimant cannot recall specific details about the injury.
  • The injury was reported at a later date.
  • The claimant is a new employee.
  • The accident report has changes, erasures etc.
  • The accident occurred right before claimant’s retirement.
  • The claimant is injured after receiving disciplinary action, demotion etc.
  • The claimant’s injury occurred his/her first day back to work from day(s) off vacation etc. Especially if the claimant is active with sports activities, home repairs etc.
  • The medical report and incident reports are conflicting.
  • The claimant’s address cannot be confirmed and or he/she does not have a working phone number.
  • The claimant is having personal problems such as divorce, financial problems, child custody etc.
  • The claimant has had numerous jobs over a short period of time.
  • Anonymous tips phoned in.
  • The claimant’s life style does n’t coincide with his/her salary.
  • The claimant is tanned, in above average shape etc.
  • Members of the claimant’s family are on workers compensation or have had many lawsuits

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