When adultery is committed in many states it does not matter whose fault it is and the assets are split 50-50.  Fortunately, for the innocent party here in South Carolina, it does matter. Since South Carolina is a “fault” state the cheating spouse is held responsible in Family Court for the failure of the marriage. This can result with the adulterer having to further lose financially.  In many cases, upon proving adultery, the Family Court judge orders the cheating spouse to also pay for the innocent spouse’s attorney and private investigator.

If you, the innocent spouse, uncovers an email, text message etc. from your spouse that raises your suspicions that an affair may be taking place this does not constitute adultery. It is merely “intent” and we then have to catch the cheater in an enclosed environment (parked car in a deserted area, hotel, house etc.) alone with his or her lover for an unreasonable amount of time. This gives them “opportunity” and would constitute adultery.

I use the most up to date technological tools available.  GPS is a tool that is legal for a private investigator to use in South Carolina.  I place the GPS unit on the suspected cheaters vehicle, monitor it and remove it.  It will save you the client many surveillance hours.  I also use a high quality video camera that can zoom in from a far distance.  I place the camera on a monopod which keeps the camera and picture steady up to one hundred yards away.  I work with several divorce attorney’s in the area and know exactly what they need to be court ready and to defeat the cheating spouse and his or her attorney. If you decide to use an attorney I am not familiar with, I will consult with him/her so I know exactly is required.

Any private investigator that tells you they can prove adultery and conclude the case in a certain number of hours hang up and make another call.  From my past cases (hundreds) I have found that the average adultery case takes about 12 hours to prove with the use of a GPS unit.

It is said that going through a divorce is as stressful as a death in the family. I take all my cases seriously especially adultery. If you use my services I will be in constant contact with you keeping you updated on what is transpiring. I tend to form a very close professional relationship with all my clients and am at your disposal 24/7. I will do my best to put your mind at ease.