5 Tell-Tale Signs of Infidelity

5 Tell-Tale Signs of Infidelity

There’s no feeling quite as sickening as the suspicion that your significant other might have been unfaithful. Unfortunately, it’s an experience that many people are all-too familiar with. Private investigators know better than most that infidelity happens more often than we’d care to admit.

But how can we be certain we’ve fallen victim to an unfaithful partner? Typically, cases of infidelity share a few common characteristics.

Routine Changes

Has your partner suddenly started coming home later from work? Do they seem to be making excuses for their long days that seem farfetched or uncharacteristic of their usual behavior? Do you have trouble getting ahold of them at work? These scheduling changes could very well be the result of infidelity.

Secretive Behavior Online

These days, many people who enter into affairs do so by way of the internet. Likewise, they may become increasingly protective of their security online, and may even resort to extreme measures such as purchasing an additional phone for contacting the person with whom they’re having the illicit relationship

Excess Spending

Maintaining two relationships can get pretty expensive. Sometimes, this means mysterious charges on credit cards and dwindling checking account balances. If you notice a sudden, inexplicable change in your significant other’s finances, it may be because they’re maintaining a relationship with someone else.

Changes in Appearance

Have you noticed your partner suddenly paying special attention to their appearance then they leave the house? Are they showering more often than usual, perhaps at odd hours of the day? These are both fairly common symptoms of infidelity.

Emotional Distance

This is often the first sign of infidelity. Your significant other may suddenly become detached or distracted from your relationship. They may seem to have something else on their mind when ordinarily they would be enjoying your company. This is a troubling sign that tips-off many people to cases of infidelity.

At Gold Shield Investigators, we know how difficult it can be to suffer from the uncertainty of not knowing whether your partner has been faithful. Want to find out for sure whether or not your suspicions are true? Give us a call today to learn more about how our investigators can help.

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